Uncle Tyler


I love my two brothers so much!!! Tyler and I are only 21 months apart and he has moved back to Columbia and is now looking for a job! He's a reserve marine and officer, but is now looking for a full-time job back here. I've loved having him around the house more and enjoy that he can spend some quality time with us!
I made him do a photo shoot with Cai and it turned out so sweet!!!
He is also dating the most sweet, precious, kind, godly girl, Ann-Marie! We love her to pieces!
They are pretty hilarious together.
 Tyler also has another favorite in the Traylor household and every time he spends the night, Abe sleeps outside his door and picks up and drops a ball over and over until Tyler wakes up to play with him!
Abe would play with him for hours! Maybe it has to do with the fact that Tyler wrestles him to the ground and rough houses with him! I'm pretty sure Tyler would steal Abe from us if we let him!
Over the weekend, Tyler taught Micaiah how to say "Unc" and sent me picture of Micaiah laying on his shoulder! So sweet!

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