Quickest Visit EVER!


Right before Thanksgiving, my bff from college flew in with her precious little LaLa and hubs. Cai and I picked them up from the airport. I squeezed between two carseats in the backseat while Charlie drove to his parent's home. Thankfully it wasn't too far away! That was all the time I got this trip, but I'm excited they will be coming home for longer around Christmas! It was just enough time to act like the sleep whisperer that I am...
And gaze at these toes in some pretty darling little socks and those stripey leggings...
The bad picture quality is because I was literally twisted around in the middle of two carseats...have you ever sat in the middle of two carseats AND tried to focus on taking a picture semi-manually? You should try it! JK! I enjoyed ANY time I get with this sweet family! That's for sure!

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