Micaiah's 1st Hair Cut


I really didn't think I would get sentimental over a hair cut. I mean it is JUST hair. I admit I think it is totally weird that people save a lock of baby's hair. What I didn't realize though was that it hit me AFTER it was all done why people must do it. I almost cried that he had to get his hair cut TONIGHT putting him in bed, not at the shop, but at home when I put my cheek on his head and it didn't feel as soft anymore, but little hair pricked my face. It was GONE! Ahhhh....booo hooo!

Okay..back to reality... It was definitely time for this little boy's hair to go from mullet to cute. He's growing up. Let's face it.
He really did great. We went to a hair place called Snip-its in Lexington and they had tvs and music and toys and cute little chairs just kid sized. Seriously adorable in his Toy Story gown.
He didn't even care when she buzzed around his ears!
The TV sucked him in for sure...
And when he wanted to get down, daddy entertained him.
All Done!
When it was all said and done with, he turned in his card for a prize, which he enjoyed getting!

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