The Hour Before Dinner


I really think the hardest part of my day is the hour before dinner. Let's say we have had a rather smooth day and things have been rather enjoyable. Mama has gotten her chores done and baby has played and slept rather well. However, for some reason unbeknown to me, all H breaks loose in the hour before dinner. Usually I have a clingy toddler at my legs screaming for attention and all I really need to be doing is focusing on making dinner. This is usually video time, but sometimes a video doesn't even work in that crazy hour as I'm counting down the minutes until Hart's ETA! I have found myself being so desperate for just a minute of "peace" during that hour that this happened...
Yes, that is my child sitting on the counter (with a drawer case he were to lunge would somehow save him while I was snapping the picture) all while chomping on a stalk of broccoli.
It's moments like these that I wonder why I didn't do freezer cooking AGAIN this month! It really is such a time saver in the kitchen daily!

The Hour Before Dinner Tips:
  • Prep dinner during baby's last nap if possible. It makes things go smoothly.
  • Don't be afraid to let your child watch a video during this time. It's my saving grace for 30 - 45 minutes each day. 
  • Try high chair activities during this time. Pull the high chair close to you and put things on their tray they will inevitably throw off. Tape a sheet of paper to it and give them some crayons. They will either a)ingest the crayons while you aren't looking or b)at least rip all the paper to shreds, which you can clean up later or c)actually sit there quietly coloring.
  • Let them go through a cabinet that you don't care about. 
  • Let them pull all the kitchen utensils out of the canister. No, I usually don't wash them again before putting them back. Is that really gross to some of you?!
  • Pull out a toy that they don't really play with often to distract them for 5 minutes while you sautee the green beans! 
  • When you do all of the above in about 10 minutes flat, keep calm and carry that baby on your hip!Talk to him about what you are cooking and making. Let him smell the garlic or the spice you are adding to the meal and let him stir the pot for you. Give a little taste here and there and realize that your one handed dinner making skills are extremely valuable!
I have learned in this mommy job that we always seem to get through each day somehow someway, whether is was crazy or calm, just enjoy it while you are in it...everyone says it goes by too quickly! They are right! 

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