Home Depot: Christmas style


Our Christmas began with hay rides, hot chocolate and sawing down the most beautiful tree you have ever seen!!! NOT! It was more like this...
But we had fun anyways! We figure next year we can do the whole Christmas tree farm, because Micaiah will enjoy it more!
And who can pass up a real 5' - 6' tree for this price? It's just right for our budget!
One of the guys working there was nice enough to offer to take our picture...you know, because I'm that crazy mom making her kid pose with the Home Depot Christmas trees!
Micaiah wasn't so sure about him, but it still turned out cute! I love these two sweet guys so much!
We loaded it up and were ready to get home within about 10 minutes.

Micaiah is having no trouble enjoying the tree this year...
He has only pulled off a couple ornaments, but isn't too into it. Abe, however, has pulled off several, so he's the one in the doghouse this time! Micaiah has enjoyed the carousel that his Great Gramie gave to him before she died. She knew how much he would enjoy it and he really does love watching it spin around and listen to the music it plays. I'm thankful for the reminder of her this Christmas in this sweet gift under our tree.
Lastly, here's a look at some of the tree ornaments and decorations I have started on!
I pray your Christmas season is filled with knowing the One that we are celebrating! 

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