Zoo Visits


This month Micaiah and I went to the zoo 3 times in 2 weeks! We are loving our zoo membership (thanks, PaPa)! The first visit it was just the two of us needing something to do between naps. Micaiah had such a good time that we planned a visit the 2nd time with Hannah and Naomi, Hart's mom, and us. Then, because Daddy felt left out, we went as a family the 3rd time. I do kind of admit that by the 3rd time I was GOOD! As in, let's wait til next month to visit again! Ha!

Our favorite things at the zoo right now are definitely feeding the giraffes. This is one of the babies.

They are SO cool and they just walk up and hang their heads over the overlook and stick their long purple tongues out and wait for their lettuce.

Over at the Farm, there is one goat that licks a bunch and Micaiah dies laughing when it licks the bottom of his feet.
 I also have learned the names to the Jersey Cow, Joy, and the Llama, Rainman, and Cindy the Giraffe. Apparently, you visit enough you learn the animals all have names and actually start recognizing them!
My mom got a double jogging stroller for free from her neighbor and we used it for the first time with Naomi and Micaiah! They looked like twins! Both were very preoccupied with snacks and juice.
Taking as many pictures of those baby feet before they get too big!
We also love the penguins!
And the last thing we did was visit the Gorillas, Mike and Chaka. Chaka came up and sat right near the glass, scratched his big booty, and leaned over so we could all get a good look. I'm not sure what the babies thought.
It was great to spend the day with Hannah and Naomi and MiMi!

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