Our Marriage


Lately, I've really been thankful for our marriage. It's really been a gift from the Lord these last {almost} 3 years! Hart is THE best husband that I could have ever have dreamed of. We go together like shooby doowop shebop! Seeing him be the daddy he is to Micaiah, well, it's just more than amazing!

Today was SC Football. Today was the 2nd day in a row that I barely slept the night before, and the thought of 4 hours without him was kind of unbearable. We went over to his parents house to watch the game, but he was most certainly a husband first and a daddy second, all while watching those Cocks win! He made sure that I was taken care of, that Micaiah wasn't too much for me, and that I got a much needed break, allowing me to sit by the pool in the sun talking to friends. He's sweet like that and he makes us his first priority on this earth.

If you know Hart, you know he loves USC football, but more than that Hart is a godly man. He loves Jesus.

My mama prayed for Hart for many many years before we actually met. When I was sick in the hospital, when we had only been dating not even a month, Hart would come and sit by my bed and pray for me. He would read his Bible while I was in the lowest place in life I had ever been and I barely knew him then. I knew he was tall and cute, that's for sure, but I did NOT know that he would be my husband, and for the life of me I couldn't figure out why he would want to hang out with a girl as sick as I was. God had told Hart that I was going to be his wife.  I'm glad he was listening to Him!

Most of you know our story, but some of you do not. We like to say that God just "threw" us together. He sent us through the fire with my health issues in the first year of our dating life, and at some point that first year, Hart and I sat down and said to each other... "Well, I think if we can go through that together, then by God's grace, we can go through life together!"

So here we are, {almost} 6 years later (we dated/were engaged for 3), with a 13 month old blessing baby and we love each other the way God wants us to, by his daily grace.

Marriage is tough, but you are there for each other, always.

I don't know what godly examples you have of marriage in your life, but I have been blessed with one that is beyond words. My grandparents, Don and Ali McCune, were married to each other for 69 years, before my Grampie passed away. My memories of them are beautiful. They were always singing to Jesus, holding each other's hands, reading their Bibles, and laughing. They were prayer warriors and would just randomly break out in prayer to Jesus or give praise to Him in whatever they were doing. They loved each other so very much and showed that love to all of us, too. Every single time I think of them, I smile. I found this video (one I don't even think my mom has seen) of a visit out to see them one day back in college. I hope you can see some of the reasons why I am the way I am today. It's because of Jesus at work in their lives and the spiritual heritage that I have through them.

"And his mercy is for those who fear him from generation to generation." Luke 1:50

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