No Sweets November


People have asked me lately what I have been up I answer shoving my face full of cookies? To be honest, I seriously almost eat sweets daily. It's really true. I know I am skinny, but I eat sweets all the time. I want to get better about this aspect of my life, so I've come up with a little month long blog series to set us straight! The truth is Hart and I have BOTH been convicted that we have not been eating as healthy as we would like, so we talked about it and we are going to focus on having a healthy November! Want to join us? Add the button below to your blog and blog about your healthy quest in the month of November! Leave me a comment, so I can find you and let's root each other on! If I have some participants, then I will highlight you on my blog during the month!

If we are honest, the Holidays are right here already and that means so many temptations and sweets in all forms. So, Hart and I are going to give you the rules we have come up with and you can make or change or add to them however you want!

Here's our No Sweets November Rules:
  1. You must weigh yourself at the beginning/end of the month and write it down somewhere. I will post our weights starting the first of November and give you weekly updates of how we are surviving. I want to see if we lose any weight and you might be encouraged, too! 
  2. No Sweets 6 days a week. You may treat yourself to one small dessert on Sunday. Yes, it is called NO Sweets November, but that's just the catchy name I came up with. You may have ONE dessert ONCE a week. Ours will be on Sunday. 
  3. No fast food at all. No exceptions. 
  4. Coffee/Soda AND/OR Juice allowed, but only ONE cup each daily. So on a daily basis we may drink one cup of coffee (with added creamer AND a glass of OJ), but we are NOT going to drink more than this or added sodas each day with it. Hart actually came up with this one so he wouldn't drink so many sweet teas and sodas daily. Hart may forgo coffee to have a late afternoon sweet tea, but if he already drank coffee, he doesn't want to drink sweet tea, too.
  5. Hard Exercise at least 2 times per week, 3 would be the goal. The truth about us is that I usually do a neighborhood stroll about 3 - 4 times a week pushing Micaiah and as of late I do only one hard gym class a week. Hart has gotten out of the habit of exercising lately and hasn't done it in a few months. (Sorry, hubby! to tell your secrets!) So, while committing to 3 hard exercises a week would be great, I'm starting small with committing to twice. For me neighborhood walks don't count. Gym classes do.
And that's all. 5 rules. We don't believe in total exclusion of sweets. We think you should reward yourself, but it shouldn't be daily, like in MY case! Hart's not as bad as me! So there it is! Want to join us? You can copy this image and put it on your blog to join our No Sweets November party. It starts, obviously, November 1st!

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