Micaiah's Tubes: Our Experience


We woke up at 5 am this morning and left the house at 5:45 to get Micaiah to the Children's Hospital for his tubes procedure to help our chronic ear infections. For some reason our pre-op packet never arrived, so we weren't sure what time to get there, but we knew a ball park of between 6 am - 7 am. We arrived early at 6 am and were a little early for his procedure, but not by too much. Micaiah did great in the beginning and totally was a little heart stealer. He would walk around in his scrubs pushing this push toy down the halls waving at all the doctors and nurses! It was PRECIOUS!
They brought toys to his room to play with and we also pushed him around the halls in their wagons and toy cars while waiting for our procedure time. About 8:10 it was time to go back and that was when they took him from us, which was kind of hard, but mostly we kind of laughed at how cute he was crying in his little scrubs. Before he left, we prayed over him and that everything would go well.

I anxiously watched the clock, scarfed 2 granola bars down, chugged some coffee, went potty, and slung the diaper bag over my shoulder. I was ready to go to him at any second. Hart sat by my side playing on his iTouch, reassuring me.

About 8:20 the doctor came out and said everything went great and it would be another 5 minutes and I would get to go back. I stood up and went to the door to wait.

Five minutes went by and they took me back and I could hear him screaming out in the hall. That's when the not so fun part lasted for another 25ish minutes. Micaiah was "pistol pete" for sure. He didn't really calm down very quickly, even with juice. He did NOT like the nurses and doctors poking and prodding and he did NOT like how he was feeling at that moment. I sang songs, prayed over him, tried to give him juice and milk.... Nada! I think he's taking after his Mama and not really caring for the hospital scene!

When we got moved from the recovery room, it took another 10ish minutes, but we finally got him settled. I actually nursed him at that point, because I knew it would calm him down, and it did. After that, we gave him some cheerios and he watched the Disney channel. He seemed tired, but fine and more content. We were only there for another 10 minutes and leaving the hospital about 9:20 am.

We got some Chick-fil-a on the way home and Micaiah ate that happily in my lap in the living room. He even offered Abe a bite, so I knew he was back to normal. I put him down in his crib and he went right out.

Praise the Lord all went well! Thank you for praying for him! Hopefully, everything with his ears will be a lot better from now on.

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