Graduated from the Towel


When Micaiah was just a couple months old, I had to darken his room for his naps, because he would literally just lie awake starring at the light coming in through the window. While I realize I could have purchased room darkening shades, I needed something FAST and EASY to solve our sleep woes. Hence, the Towel. For a long time I was so crazy as to completely pin them all down so that NO or little light showed through. Gradually, I took out the pins and would open up the curtains during the day when we were playing. I wanted him to be the baby that could sleep well during the day without it completely dark like other babies, but I was scared to experiment. I was tired of having to put him in people's windowless closets and bathrooms when we went somewhere! When we traveled to Memphis, he was in a room that was lighter for both naps and going to bed for night sleep. After a week with perfectly wonderful naps, I decided that he could obviously handle not having a "cave" room, as we call it. We went from this...

To This...
I draw the curtains closed for his naps, but a good amount of light comes through. At first, I thought he was having problems, because the "darkness cue" wasn't as strong and he didn't act as tired going down in his crib as before. However, I decided to give it a few days, and I am glad I did. He still sleeps around 1.5 hrs in the morning and 2 hrs in the afternoon. I know I am blessed with a wonderful sleeper! But it took a LOT of hard work to get there!

I'm not really sure why this dumbfounded look cracks me up so, but I thought it was also a good one to reveal his 1st real bruise due to our stroller accident!
These days, he as figured out how to climb things. And he is practicing...EVERYWHERE! He actually crawled up on top of a lawn chair while at my friend Carla's pool last week. I had to do a double take to realize that he was actually on TOP of the lawn chair, not on the ground, where I had put him last!

And we finally, really, really, really like real table food. So much so, that he actually has a mouth full of watermelon in his picture. We have to help him slow down, so that he won't stuff it so full!

He's almost 11 months....that's too close to saying, "We have a 1 year old!"

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