Cai's Blanket Lovie


Around a year children seem to choose a comfort lovie...Micaiah has definitely done this. I'm sure it is completely encouraged by me, since I always put him down with this and chose to use a blanket for him, but he has grown to love his blanket lovies. We use the kind of blanket that is silky on one side and a soft fabric on the other. Cai has started at any point in the day going to his crib (& particularly when sleepy), pulling his lovie out of the crib and will suck his thumb and lay down with it on the floor like this...
It's so funny, especially when we are just out in the living room playing. He gets excited when you give him his blanket. I guess he has his "thing" now... I wonder if he will have it for 20 years, like his Mama?

I HOPE NOT!!! Growing up, I had a baby pillow that I put between my knees to sleep. It got taken away in the sheets when my bed was changed one time at Duke Hospital IN COLLEGE. Yes, I said, in COLLEGE. I had planned to turn it into a ring pillow for my wedding and then be completely detached, but it was stolen away and lost forever. Kind of sad, because it had all my addresses that I ever lived written on the inside in my mom's handwriting and Oh, the stories I could tell you about how my parents would have to turn around and get my baby pillow on family trips or have it shipped to us, if it turned up found somewhere.

I still sleep with a pillow between my knees, for those who are wondering. And don't think I'm lame or anything, because I totally know you had that comfort thing, too. Hart had a blanket that is in our attic with holes all in it, and my best friend and her husband have their two favorite stuffed animals on their guest go on... why don't you share what your 'thing' was!

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