Cai is Sick Again!


Hi, people! We are sick. Again. Last week, Cai's naps went to crap and I couldn't pin point what was wrong. I thought maybe he was in a Wonder Week. Those are the things that mama's like to blame their fussy baby on and feel better for having a reason for the fussiness. He had turned 11 months. So maybe that was it?

I was trying to figure it out, but life was busy and we were going, going, gone, most of the time. We had a friend's baby dedication to go to, Steph was in town with Nola, we were helping get my mom's dance studio ready for the new dance season, and a visit from Hart's sister and Naomi to enjoy. I kept thinking that Cai's main issue was that since we were having naps more "on the go" that he just was overtired. It's just that we had been home enough for crib naps and it shouldn't have been quite so rough. Two mornings ago, I checked his temp and he had a low-grade fever. I went back and forth about going to a doctor that day and just waiting to see how he did. He was fussy the WHOLE day.

Yesterday, I decided that I might as well be that overbearing mama and go on in to get him checked out. At least I would be able to rule out if he was just in a fussy stage (or wonder week) or NOT.

Thankfully, I took him in and I'm SO GLAD I DID! Cai has Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease. My baby has a disease? What?

Can I tell you something? I love our pediatrician. I really went back and forth over him in the beginning, because so many people had said things like, "You should love your pediatrician" or "You should have someone that you can talk to easier" or "He's so matter-of-fact!" But, our pediatrician is a GREAT doctor. Isn't that what you want? I couldn't deny that. When it comes down to it, I want a doctor that knows his stuff, not be my best friend. I want a doctor that doesn't just do what the medical world says to do (get tubes now, instead of wait and try all possible meds first), but someone that knows how to treat something the best way possible. Our doctor took one look in his throat and called it. "Oh my! He's got Hand Foot Mouth Disease. Let's test for strep to make sure, but if it is what I think it is, he's a sick little guy." I'm not saying he will never be wrong, but I'm thankful that he can see something in a split second and know what is wrong.

So, now we are dealing with Cai being sick. Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease isn't the worst. I realize that. But, it is bad enough that I can tell my little guy is sick and not feeling well. This morning he felt so bad, it was hard to sleep or take a nap, and I just had to hold him and rock him to sleep and cuddle.

We are spending time quarantined, so we don't spread this to others. Be praying he gets well fast!

Thanks friends!

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