A few months ago, we put out Netflix account on hold. We were trying to save money. When it came down to it, we would let our movies sit for a couple weeks at a time before watching them. We loved the Instant Watch feature, but somehow my computer wiz husband has found a way to download some shows we watch online anyways. So between Hulu, his downloading skills, and Red Box, we really haven't missed Netflix all that much. And believe me when I say that I can't really believe I just said that. We both could have cried when we cancelled our account. We don't have cable, so that was our ONLY TV and we weren't sure what we would do for entertainment purposes.

However, we have found tons of free movie codes for Red Box and if we can't it's only $1 to rent. We just have to take them back the next day and lose the ability to just stick them in the mailbox. However, even that isn't a big deal, due to the fact there are three right around our house to swing by.

The shows that we love right now are The Voice, Modern Family, and my guilty pleasure....The Bachelorette/The Bachelor.

My, Vanessa's, love affair (Hart does NOT watch this with me) with the latter came about when I just randomly clicked onto the only channel we get rather decently. It happened to be the first episode of last season's The Bachelor. I started watching and I couldn't believe how ridiculous of a show it was. I completely made fun of it, but by the end of the first episode I had to find out what happened next. Then, I was hooked and now it's just plain fun for me. Make fun of me if you want, but everyone needs their fav reality show!

So, there you have it our favorite current shows.

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