Cloth Diaper Debate


Since I wrote the post this morning, I really have been thinking about everything concerning these cloth diapers and after talking to Hart again about it, we decided we are going to try another time. After I wrote the post, I troubleshooted on the phone with Kat at Cotton Babies and here are the things I learned/feel like an idiot, because I got wrong:

1)Wrong detergent: I was using Sun, but apparently the wrong Sun kind. Cheaper detergents are better for cloth diapers, because they often don't have enhancers, brighteners, etc that can build up on the diapers. Apparently Tropical Breeze isn't the right "choice." I should have been using Free and Clear at the very least, although most Sun products are not recommended at all.
Problem Fixer: I just ordered BumGenius Cloth Diapering Detergent off of ebay. I'm going to use this kind, because it is specifically made for cloth diapers and it got 5 gold stars (among a few others) at Pin Stripes and Polka Dots.
2)Air: I've been putting my cloth diapers in the Planet Wise Zipper Hanging Wet/Dry bag. I zip it shut and Kat told me that I should leave a little part open, because an air tight moist environment is where mold likes to thrive.
Problem Fixer: I went and bought a small plastic trash can at Target and I'm going to leave my wet bag open inside of it, so that there is plenty of air and not so "air tight." My friend, Chelsey, does this and she hasn't had any problems or odors or mold, and once again, it is recommended.
3)Wash More Frequently: Kat said "Every other day." Blah! We will have to see how much our water bill goes up and determine if this is worth it like in my previous post.
Problem Fixer: Wash more. I was using too many disposables along with the cloth. I need to be more strict about just using cloth, even on outings, and only one disposable at night. 

There are a lot of advantages like I mentioned in my previous post and I think we should give it another try, before I give it up completely. One friend told me that cloth is recommended for faster potty training, so that's a plus! Another encouragement is that even though it uses more water, it really is SO much healthier for the environment. I know, I really am a tree hugger at heart. Lastly, it does save me trips to the store for diapers. I mean they are always right there when you need them, AND, we do plan on having another baby and it does save a LOT of money when it comes to diapering, especially those first several months when all you do is change diapers.

I think it is good that I can blog about these problems with cloth diapering, because when I started I had a very idealistic idea of cloth diapering and so many just sang praises. It's a chore like any other thing, but not really that horrible of a chore when it comes down to it. I'll check back in on this issue in another month or so and let you know how things size up!

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