Three Days is Too Long...


Three days is too long to be sick. Today, as I was finally feeling like my normal self after being home several hours and having the strength restored back into my body from the Lord, I waited in anticipation for my mom to bring Micaiah back to me. You see, before I got sick, I was looking for every opportunity to just take a break from him. However, this little sickness stint, gave me the perspective that I needed to realize that I LOVE spending the days with my sweet boy and they are fleeting fast! It amazes me how much he could possibly have changed in just three days, but he really has.

I want to post his 9 month Fievel photo and a monthly summary of his growth when I have more time, but in just a few short days, he is really INTO EVERYTHING! He can't crawl yet, but he is quite the busy body, and getting there. He's pulling things, twisting himself around, looking up and down, waving, talking, trying to pull up, stretching forward, pulling things out and around himself. He doesn't want to sit still for more than two seconds. I think we are entering that crazy stage! He's also got a new "serious" look that kind of reminds me of Elvis that just developed when he is trying to figure something out. I will try to get it on camera, because I think it is hilarious.

I was too sick the past 3 days to really pump and my nursing schedule was kind of off, so I believe my supply may have dropped some. Oh, darn! JK! I've been moving towards doing the partial breastfeeding thing, where I was planning on doing two formula feeds during the middle of the day and just keep up with the morning/evening nursings for awhile. I think my supply is established well enough to do that, so that's what I am going to try to do now.

It is neat to see how Micaiah is changing, but he is definitely becoming more of a toddler than a baby.

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