Happy Father's Day to the Best Daddy EVER!


When I picked my husband out of all the others out there, I knew he would be a good daddy! It has been so awesome to see him grow as a daddy over the last 9 months! Last Father's Day, we were waiting in anticipation to meet our sweet baby boy! This Father's Day he is totally awesome and full of fun! Watching Hart daily not only provide for our family, but love on this little one, warms my heart so much! I love that he walks in the door with a huge smile on his face and no matter what is going on, the moment he walks in and Micaiah sees him, he just lights up with smiles and giggles! I love when Hart cuddles him up and swings him in the air, and makes him laugh out loud! Hart really goes above and beyond the call of duty! He's an actively involved daddy that gives baths, put on pjs, changes diapers, and whatever else! Most importantly, he prays for Micaiah. He prays for him to be saved by Jesus and that Cai would grow up to know Him. He reads him the Bible each night and says The Blessing over him before he falls asleep, like his daddy did for him. He's a sweet, sweet daddy and I'm so blessed to have such a godly man influence the life of our son! Happy Father's Day, Daddy! We are your #1 Fans!
{I had free coupons to Picture People that they emailed me from last time, so since I was feeling better today we ran over to the mall and we got these done! It was supposed to be a surprise for Hart, but since I was not completely myself this week, Hart helped me take him! They turned out SO precious! Thankfully, I had been semi-prepared and bought this cute Old Navy Father's Day onsie a few weeks ago! I felt like a rather lame wife when Hart walked into the store and bought himself a new iHome clock for his Father's Day gift, but what can you do when you've been as sick as I was this week! Thankfully, he's not only a great daddy, but a great husband, too, and he didn't really care that he didn't get the big WOW surprise factor this time! His words: "Lord willing, you've got 50 - 60 more years to try to surprise me with gifts!" Well, when you look at it that way, I guess I'll have to get a WHOLE lot better at this! :) }

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