Sicker than Ever!


PLEASE be praying for me & my family. Somehow I picked up a stomach bug and it is the worst! Yesterday I was driving home from running an errand and had to stop on the side of the interstate, because I thought I would throw up. I remained nauseated the rest of the day and only threw up one time in the middle of the night, however, it was more than I have ever thrown up. I know, gross!

Due to the fact that I don't have a colon (long story), but a Jpouch (don't click that link unless you want to know more about my insides than is probably recommended), I get dehydrated extremely quickly, so today I went to my doctor's office to get IV fluids. If I have diarrhea or vomiting for more than a couple hours, then I pretty much know I have to go get fluids pumped up in me. I felt so much better after 2 bags and a Phenergan shot, but now that I am about to go to bed, I'm still so sick. My mom has had to come take care of Micaiah for me. Hart stayed home from work today to take me to the doctor and care for me, but I was really hoping to be better than I am.

I miss being able to cuddle my sweet boy. Lift us up. Pray for a hedge of protection around Cai, Hart, my mom, and Hart's mom, who have been helping me so much the last two days.

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