PaPa Came for a Visit!


My, Vanessa's, dad came for a visit this weekend! We had a GREAT time together! He absolutely LOVED being with his grandson and it's so fun to watch how much joy and happiness he brings to him. He flew in Friday afternoon. We decided to go to the gym together and my dad showed me some things about squats that made me not be able to walk down the gym at Gold's. (For those of you that don't know, I just got a membership to Gold's. My MIL transferred me her membership for the next several months, since she wasn't using it. I'm excited about the opportunity to get in shape and realize I have a WAYS to go!) My dad was a Marine for over 25 years, so he knows a thing or two about work outs.

We enjoyed a dinner out at Miyo's with some sushi and red bean ice cream. We had to put Cai to bed, so we headed home. The next day, I was too sore to go back to the gym, so my dad went and I worked on some of the curtains for the flip house... almost done! I was contemplating what we could do for the day, when the idea hit me... get pictures made!!! I don't have any good pictures of my dad as of late and none with him and Cai that are not just from my camera. I had always wanted to try Picture People in the mall and I was totally impressed!

I kind of feel bad, because I know several photographers that are amazing and that do amazing work and I feel like Picture People just kind of puts them out. Picture People feels like Drive-Thru Photography. You literally make an appointment, show up, the session takes 15 - 20 minutes, you sit down and view all edited photos within 5 - 7 minutes, then you select what you want and walk out with everything (pictures completely matted and framed and all printed sheets) 30 minutes later. Since it is in the mall, you can shop while you wait or grab something to eat. GREAT for a family with a baby, not so great for my photography friends that have to compete with that. I feel like the pictures are rather unique with a studio type feel. It's always great to have those fun artsy shots, but it's also fun to just have normal studio shots.

Here are some from our session:
I LOVE this feet picture! I like that we still got a fun "artsy" shot within these! And Cai's face is priceless!

This one {above} reminds me of a clothing ad for some reason...but, I LOVE it!
{sorry I didn't crop it for you.}
Here are some of Micaiah's 9 months pictures:
Love this one with his PaPa!
We enjoyed the rest of the weekend together! I enjoyed making memories and capturing them on camera, too!

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