Ever have one of those busy weeks and you just say, "ENOUGH, already!" Well, that's pretty much how I feel as I type this, and I still have ONE MORE DAY before my commitments are completely over for the most part. This next week will be purposed to be SLOW going for us!

Let me re-cap this week for you:
  • Monday: I went to Sam's Club to get the last of our freezer cooking supplies. I went to Hobby Lobby, and Wal-mart for supplies for upcoming baby showers. I went to Creative Machine Sewing Center for cute fabric for all the sewing projects I had to make for shower gifts.
  • Tuesday: We had Co-op all morning 9 am - 12 pm, then we were able to go home and I got started on my sewing projects. (Did I mention I have not one, not two, but THREE showers this weekend? And, I am a host of one...so you know...I had to get creative.)
  • Wednesday: I think this was the ONLY day we stayed home all day, but being the day before freezer cooking, I had A LOT to prep and things to clean and get ready for our Freezer Cooking day. I also worked on my sewing projects.
  • Thursday: FREEZER COOKING DAY... Really, enough said there. I did NOT MOVE after 6 pm that day and then I collapsed into bed and was sore the whole next day (from cooking, REALLY!)
  • Friday: We traveled out to the land of Gilbert to help my mom clean out my Gramie's house and get ready for a garage sale that was held today. Then, I stayed up to almost mid night working on all my creative projects.
  • Saturday: Got ready for the shower I was hosting from 2 - 4, left that shower (gracefully) at 4 pm to get to another baby shower of a DEAR SWEET friend that was from 3 - 5.

I did all of that AND my regular full-time mommy job! THANK you, JESUS for seeing me through it!

In case you are wondering what my creative projects were this week:

Well, I sewed a car seat cover, a nursing cover and matching burp cloth, AND I have either an apron or casserole cover to do for a wedding shower (tomorrow). I made these adorable nautical cup cakes (that I copied from MER Davis who made them for MY nautical baby shower). Actually, Hart is now the official Cup Cake Decorator...as he finished out the cup cakes because I had to feed Micaiah....He did a really good job! I also made THREE little boy nautical onsies. Tried my hand at doing applique's and freezer paper stenciling. I made a diaper cake. I made a veggie tray and spinach dip (Hart really did the dip part...I arranged the crackers), and honestly, I have to admit that I am pretty tired of MAKING THINGS.

P.S. I will make you something...IF you pay me. haha

Pictures to come

P.P.S I HATE uploading pictures to my blog posts, but know I should because they make blog posts so much better and some lazy people don't want to read all I have to say and just want to see pictures, but it takes FOREVER with our slow internet, so you just have to wait, until I have time....which is pretty much, NEVER!

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