Ears, Ears, and More Ears


After a beautiful, lazy, warm, relaxing weekend by the pool...

We have had a pretty hard/hectic week so far! If taking your child to the doctor twice in one day gives any indicator, then you just might get it...

Micaiah has had trouble with ear infections. The causes of ear infections are snotty noses and reflux. We have had a lot of both of those things. We just finished a course of antibiotics and this time, the infections came back with a vengeance. I knew he was teething, so I wanted to be sure that it wasn't anything more, due to his extreme fussiness. To say extreme fussiness, what I really mean is Cai SCREAMING his head off (being held during this time) for 2.5 hrs after bed time last night. He finally fell asleep from pure exhaustion alone. This is how you want to remember your baby... not the 2.5 hours before where you wanted to go insane!

The ears were pretty horrible this go around, so he had to have a shot of antibiotics right in the doctor's office today. Thankfully, we had our happy boy back right after a short cat nap in the car on the way home.

Why we had to go twice in one day, you wonder? We were at the doctor this morning when I got a call from Hart, 10 minutes before he had to go be at an open house for a client, telling me that our car key had broken off in the trunk. Cai and I had to leave the doctor to get him the key, right as they were calling our name! It was pretty funny, but also wonderful that I was right downtown close by, not at home. I decided to just go home and put my fussy baby to bed, hoping I was just overreacting over teething pains. After a short, crappy nap, I called and talked to the nurse and decided we better reschedule for 3:00 pm. Glad we did, because I can only imagine what tonight would have looked like if we had not gone today! Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow!

In other news, Hart really feels like a REAL SC Real Estate Agent! He's got one of those fancy little keys now that lets you in to homes for sale. Today, for our evening walk, we decided to go take a look at some of the other houses in our neighborhood that are for sale. Pretty interesting to compare and pretty fun to just be able to be like... "Honey... let's go see what that one looks like inside!" Give him a call if you are trying to find a place to live (in Cola)!

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