6 Months - Fievel Photo


The above pictures pretty much sums up 6 months! (Happy, curious, putting things in our mouth.) We really cannot believe that our little boy is already 6 months! To think that just 6 months ago he was brought into this world and we were meeting him for the very first time! He is such a beautiful miracle blessing from the Lord! I'm just amazed each day at what he learns and every time I blink he is bigger! I'm cherishing so many things in my heart! Even though having a baby is difficult at times, it is really something that brings you closer to God! I wouldn't trade it for the world!

Today, he is 6 months, 4 days! We just had his 6 month visit at the doctor's office and he weighed 20 lbs even! Yes, that's right! TWENTY pounds. He measued 28 3/4 inches long and 17.5 inches around his head.

He's a solid little boy, for sure! I'm still breastfeeding him about 4 - 5 times a day and he is eating a good amount of solids 3 x a day. He downed a jar of baby food the other night and I think he would have kept on eating if we let him! He gets very excited about eating and kicks his feet and waves his arms when it is time to eat!

I'm just now working on getting him closer to a 4 hour schedule, which will mean 4 nursings and 2 main naps, with the cat nap in the late afternoon- if needed. We take it day by day and depending on how naps go, we adjust!

What he is like at 6 months:

Above: The "Micaiah Stare"

He's sitting up now and playing with toys. He picks things up and passes them back and forth. He loves to pet Abe and will randomly smile at Abe or us. He loves to look in the mirror at himself, haha! He will reach out and touch your face and put his chubby hands on your cheeks and look into your eyes. He squeals with delight. And he whines this high pitched whine that drives me crazy at times! He grabs his toes when he lays on the changing table and sometimes tries to suck on them! He is trying to sit up. Every time I lay him down, he will pull his head and shoulders up trying to strengthen those ab muscles to get himself to a sitting position! He's pretty fun and adds so much joy to our days! We love him lots!!!

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