Switching Cars


God has blessed our family with two vehicles, both completely paid for. I've got a 1994 Honda Accord and Hart has a 2001 Chevy Blazer. Both run well and even though a little old, they are both great reliable cars with their own little kinks, of course.

However, having a lil honda is a little rough with a baby. I've already started dreading the summer errands we will need to run, because I always have to find shade in the summer or my car takes 5 minutes, at least, to cool down. Not so good with a baby in SC heat. I don't have tinted windows, so it gets hot quick, AND, it makes having to nurse my baby in the car rather unenjoyable. We were just at Publix and I thought Micaiah wouldn't need to nurse while out, but for some reason he got super hungry. I took him out to the car and tried to discreetly nurse him. Twice now, the cart boy has literally come out and gotten a cart RIGHT next to my car, while I'm nursing. Yeah...not so fun. Then there is the space issue. I've got the stroller and the other bajillion things you need for baby and then sometimes we take Abe with us when we go for walks at parks, etc, and things are kinda packed pretty tight.

So...I was expressing my frustration to my sweet godly husband. He was reminding me of all of our blessings that we so abundantly have from God. I've been trying pray about the sin and lack of contentment in my heart and lift all things up to Jesus to take care of.

But he, being super thoughtful, asked me if I were to use his car, would that make things easier on me. You see. Yes, it would. Hart's car has power locks and windows. Hart's car has a fast working air conditioner. Hart's car has space. Hart's car has tinted windows. Pretty much everything I complained that my car didn't have. We decided to switch vehicles for the time being. It also makes sense with the rising gas prices. Hart drives across the city for work and his vehicle guzzles gas like crazy. My car is amazing when it comes to gas control. I don't drive very much, except for quick errands here and there. So, we will actually be saving money when it comes to paying for gas, as well. The only negative is that when Hart starts working on a flip house, he needs his truck for supplies, but that is easily worked out.

The only thing we are going to have to get used to is changing our habits...this was taken this morning, after Hart left for work, two days after we had decided to switch cars...

You can see that MY car is still in the car port... Hart's blazer is out having fun... I guess having fun before it becomes the baby mobile!

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