Challenging Days


This past Monday morning my Gramie had a stroke. She was supposed to be moved to an assisted living place from the rehabilitation center that day. She had a really pretty sunny corner room with big windows. I got the call an hour and 25 minutes after the nurse found my Gramie. We all rushed to the hospital to see her and it really wasn't looking good. She isn't able to do much at all. She can't talk, but she can open her eyes, and has slight control of her left side. Honestly, this is the worst that I have ever seen my Gramie. Last night, I went and visited and I put lotion on her hands and feet, something that she always loved, and afterwards, she lifted up her left hand, spread her fingers, and looked at me. She also moved her hand up towards her oxygen tubes and I realized that one of the tubes was pressing into her face, so when I moved that she seemed to like that. My mom and I said prayers with her and we talked to her, and told her how much we loved her. It's times like these that you wonder why Jesus just didn't take her to Heaven to be with Him. I think the good thing is that through this suffering, I know that Jesus is refining her. She will get to be with Him soon, because she was a woman that loved God with all her heart, soul, and mind.

Another sad event has occurred this week. Sage, Hart's parent's golden retriever, passed away. He died right in the den with Harry and Jane around him. Hart went over to help bury him under the banana trees where he loved to sit in the cool shade on hot summer days. This was a well-loved dog and lots of tears were shed. Sage was part of the family, and we all are going to miss his happy little self, especially Abe.

In all of this, I am reminded that God is sovereign. He loves us. I can say that, because I know his word tells us so, and I have seen Him be the amazing God that he is in the good times and the rough.

Please pray this week:
-For my Gramie, the family has difficult decisions to make regarding certain issues
-For my mother in law, Jane. She is having surgery on Thursday to repair two discs in her spine that have deteriorated causing numbness in both arms.

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