Oh, Blog Friends...how I miss thee!


So, unless you have a baby, you probably don't know exactly just how HARD it actually is. I for one had NO earthly idea what new moms go through, and lets just say that the fact that so many people have so many children and that the human race has continued for as long as it has is surely by the grace of God. Hahahaha

It is 3:03 am and my baby is in his crib asleep. Can I celebrate that for a moment!!! I should be asleep, too, but I ran out to the kitchen for some juice and a cookie and decided to check my email really quickly since I haven't had time for doing that, but once a day, or once every other day. I haven't been able to read all my favorite blogs, or even come up with an ounce of energy to write my own. Oh, I've had some plans for you though. I've been wanting to give a one month update and include some pictures that I took, but that takes time, and so far, I have had none other than to literally survive.

The last 5 weeks have been the hardest of my life. My brother is at Marine Officer Candidate School right now and I'm pretty sure that our "boot camp" experiences are pretty similar right now. We probably are getting about the same amount of sleep and our exhaustion levels are pretty similar, but I just get to sit around and burn calories breastfeeding while he works out doing PT.

I can say that I love our baby. Micaiah is so much a joy. Even though I think that at times I am not enjoying this, my mom reminds me that I have been so eager to just jump out of bed and "take over" after literally just lying down for a second.

Cai is almost 6 weeks old and while he had been quite the bottomless pit when it comes to eating, I feel certain that things are getting just a tad bit easier. I think he has FINALLY figured out night from day. It was like three days ago that he had the worst night of his life. He literally screamed his head off for like at least 6 hours. After that, I can't explain it, but it just felt like he "got it." The past two nights have been a lot nicer. I've been waking up around every 2.5/ 3 hours to feed him and I'm okay with that right now. I have been very stressed trying to get him on a schedule, but I finally surrendered that to the Lord and decided that it is up to God when he will sleep longer than 3 hours at a time and I just need to wait on the Lord for that.

Well, I better go grab some shut eye for the next couple hours!

Oh, blog world...you will come back to me eventually!

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