One Week Old!


I can't believe our little guy is one week old! It sure has been a crazy week! We had a baby (pretty big on it's own, haha!), survived some crazy surgery complications, learned how to nurse, hung out with family/friends, left the hospital, and now we are adjusting to life at home! I really do think that things have actually gone rather smoothly. I am so thankful that I can just lie down and take a nap during the day. The gmas have been coming over to help out during the day and it has given me the opportunity to just try to rest during the day some. If I can get one or two power hour naps, then I'm pretty much good for the night time feedings.

Going home for the first time!

Our sweet little family of 3!

Ready for home! We did buckle him up, but it covered his outfit, so I wanted to see his little outfit!
Even Abe is adjusting quite well! He's been very curious about Micaiah and he does want to lick him, but overall, he just will stick his big head over the pack n play or over the bassinet and then turn to look at me like, "Hey... he's crying... aren't you gonna do something about that?!"

Enjoying a sweet Sunday afternoon nap!

The only other news is that I think Micaiah is going through a growth spurt today. He has wanted to eat like every hour all day and has taken complete feedings almost every time. It's a little exhausting, so I am praying that tonight won't be as crazy as the day! Otherwise, we are trying to just figure each other out. I do know that I love being a mom and Hart and I just can't believe how much joy we have gotten by this sweet child. We just love being a family of 3!

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