Almost heading HOME!


This is Vanessa... finally feeling good enough to blog! Each day has had so much joy due to our new little family addition! He's been such a good baby so far! Kinda sleepy, but doing well nursing/breastfeeding with the amazing help of the LMC staff! I don't know what I would have done if I weren't in the hospital this whole time with all of their help!

My c-section went well, but unfortunately, I did end up having some complications that weren't too fun to go through! It took a lot out of me and we had to restrict having too many visitors (sad!), because I was so absolutely exhausted. I ended up having a partial illeus, which is a blockage of the intenstines. Thankfully, mine was just due to excess air trapped inside and after some x-rays and lots of nausea, we were able to figure out what to do to help! My doctor really has been amazing through all of this. I had a GREAT nurse that finally realized that things were NOT right, and they both worked to figure everything out. It took some suffering through. Lots of walking in the halls, but all is going much better and mostly resolved now!

Things I have learned:

I've learned that having a baby is HARD! Where in the world did I EVER learn to think that having a baby would be a breeze? I now know that either way you go it is a difficult thing to go through, but the result truly is amazing!

I've learned that breastfeeding isn't just a natural thing that just HAPPENS! Where in the world did I learn to think that baby would just always know how to latch on and eat right!? Some babies do, but it takes WORK to get it right!

I've learned that having a jpouch pregnancy really is quite rare! There's been quite a learning curve going on for EVERYONE on the labor and delivery floor, BUT we all know now how to ever go about this process again... although thinking about doing it again... well, as much as I love our little baby... I can't go there yet, haha ONE beautiful, adorable baby is a true blessing and I love him!

We love this little boy!

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