3 Breasts of Chicken = 3 meals


I don't have to have organic chicken. I just want to clarify that. However, I do prefer organic chicken. It costs more money, which I don't like. I like that it has less of the hormones, etc. So, whenever we can fit it into the grocery budget, I use one pack of chicken like it's gold. haha! Meat wasn't on sale, even organic meat, last week when I went grocery shopping, so I only bought one pack of chicken to make it stretch. You can do this with ANY pack of chicken. My pack of organic chicken had only 3 chicken breasts in it. This is how I used them in meals this last week.

One breast, I just cooked and then shredded and made a chicken veggie pizza. It was PLENTY of chicken for a homemade pizza. I forgot to take a picture....sorry... but it was so good. I think I am finally getting the hang of making homemade dough and it is so worth it!

There's always one breast in a pack that is larger than the others. I took this one and I sliced it in half to make two flat chicken breasts. We had some BBQ sauce in a bottle leftover from something, so I marinated it in that and Hart threw them on the grill. We had some zucchini and squash and onion on some skewers that we put on the grill, too! YUM!

The third breast, I also cooked and shredded. I pulled out some homemade tortillas that I had in the freezer from when I tripled a batch, and thawed. I cooked some brown rice. In a separate pan, I added a can of black beans (drained and rinsed), a can of corn (drained), a can of diced tomatoes, the shredded chicken, and some taco seasoning... I don't know how much, maybe a tablespoon. Salt to taste. Heated that through. Then I mixed in some of the brown rice into the mixture, shredded some cheese, and we had a Shredded Mexican Chicken Dish that was DEEEELISH! And this made leftovers that Hart took for lunch, and I will eat again for dinner tonight.

Moral of the story... you can stretch a pack of chicken, mostly by shredding the chicken and mixing it with some other great veggies. Americans consume so much meat. I could get on my hippy soapbox and talk about this for awhile, but since my husband reads this blog... I will spare him. LOL.

My tip is that if you are trying to be better at being frugal with groceries, just get creative in how you use meat!

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