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I was busy doing the rest of my goals this past weekend, so I really haven't had time to update on the blog!

I did make a successful batch of Peach Jam! It wasn't really hard at all and definitely something that I will do again (and I didn't have a canner... just boiled them in a big stock pot w/ a dish cloth on the bottom)! It cost about $8 for the 12 Jars, $2 for the pectin, and then I bought a huge basket of peaches from our co-op for $8.50. It made 8 half pint size jars of jam, using only 3 lbs of peaches. That is about $2.30/jar of jam (dividing the cost of the entire basket, which we used for MANY other things, not just jam). But I definitely have another batch ready and waiting to go (in the freezer), once we have used up just a couple more jars! We love peaches, so I also used peaches for a million things the past couple weeks! I made my friend's yogurt peach pie. (I love Elizabeth's mom...she is considered my MOM2, and any recipe from hers that Elizabeth posts, you better believe I will make!) You can make this pie with any kind of fruit that you want! It is light and nice in the summer! And, going back to that huge basket of peaches, we just ate cut up peaches by the load! I still have a few left for another batch of Jam, so that would make the overall cost for canning the jam a lot better. I like that you can reuse the jars, you just have to purchase new lids.

I also finished sewing the valance, covering the glider, and Hart helped me rearrange the furniture in Micaiah's nursery! (So glad that he finally posted the name of our son, because I have had to back space Micaiah's name from my posts SO many times!) You can click here to see pictures from Facebook of our nursery! You don't have to be a member or my friend to see them!

Speaking of Micaiah's name, the only thing that I would add is that we have already come up with our nickname for him. It won't be Mike, or Mickey, or Mica, or something like that. We like the name Cai.... It sounds like Chai, but without the H. So you have Cai... spelled like it is in his name!

There have been a million other things that I have been doing over the last few days, but I need to go visit my Gramie today! Hopefully, I will be able to post tomorrow!

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