Goals update- mid week


Here's an update on my goals list for this week... I don't feel like I have had nearly enough time to get most of this accomplished! Where does the time go?

So my goals for this week are:
1) To spend time cleaning up our house/getting things back to normal (CHECK-I have one more basket of laundry to fold and put up...everything else is relatively clean.)
2) Lots of sewing
-Work on sewing my inventory for my etsy store...coming August 1st! I have one client that I'm working on something for already! yay! (I did by some more fabric yesterday, and my brother's girlfriend came over to get her pants hemmed, but other than that... I really need to get a move on this part.)
-Work on the nursery: I've got to recover some glider cushions/make a valance and crib skirt. (I started ironing the fabric, after washing it and drying, but then it got thrown on the office bed, where there are now lots more wrinkles in it... oops!)
3)Help my mom with dance studio registration (I did do this... worked on compiling a list of email addresses, sent out a registration email, and then today I am heading out to Gilbert to work with her for most of the afternoon!)
4)Meet with my Father-in-law to learn how to use Quicken, so that I can help out my mom with the books when needed. (Goal was by Thursday... maybe this weekend.)
5)Organize my coupons/go to the grocery store (We are fine on groceries at this point... getting a little low, but my rule of thumb is if you don't need milk, then it isn't time yet! I really want to start shopping on Wednesdays at Publix so that I can get the Publix penny item, but I'm not sure if this will happen today or not. Probably not.)

The only other goal is that I am going to make some peach jam THIS morning. However, I have NEVER done this before and I am so worried I am going to ruin a whole bunch of peaches. Please, LORD, let the fact that I am the granddaughter of my Grandpa Settelen help the fact that I have never done this before. He is amazing at canning things. More to come later.....

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