End of January Reflections


I haven't really been in the mood to blog lately! Life has been pretty normal. January has flown by with lots of unexpected things and mostly normal things going on in life! We are just taking each day by stride and expecting awesome things from God in the process!

One thing that I can now blog about is that my sister-in-law, Hannah Dixon and her husband Mike are now pregnant! It is really exciting to know that they are going to have a little one coming in August that we can all cherish and hold! Our family has been planning a trip to see them in early June, but right now that is kind of up in the air due to her pregnancy and other things as well! We were planning a cruise from Seattle to Alaska for several days and lots of site-seeing since neither Hart or I have been on the West Coast that I can think of! They told us on Christmas Eve that they were expecting and let everyone else in the world know after their 8 week appointment. Hannah has been experiencing some pretty severe Morning Sickness, which can strike morning, noon, and night! So I have been praying for her to feel good!

Over New Year's Weekend, Hart and I traveled up to Montreat, NC for a time of relaxing and celebrating our 1 year anniversary. It is still weird to think we have only been married a year because in many ways it feels like longer! I think that is a good thing! We just mold so well together; it truly reminds me of how much Jesus loves the Church! We watched Fireproof, the movie, last night with some friends and it was such a sweet time and wonderful to see how God works through marriage! It made me rejoice because we never struggle or fight the way the couple in the movie do, not to say we do not have our struggles! I just recognize that we are blessed to be Christians BEFORE marriage, to be like-minded in that respect, to understand God's love and how that affects how we love, and then to love and care for each other! That is truly beautiful! And what makes me sad is that so many do not even care to understand this true love or think they do, but are clueless! It wasn't until the husband in the movie understood how Christ loves us that he was able to actually love his wife! I highly recommend the movie if you have not seen it!

We have both been working and both of us are enjoying our jobs a lot, which is another blessing! I have hit my stride teaching fourth graders. I understand them better and while our sense of humour differs greatly, I think I have grasped how to teach the fourth grade mind! lol. I'm doing well in my job and really love our school, Heritage Christian Academy, and my boss Melba Riddle. She is the best boss I have EVER had. I haven't ever worked full-time anywhere, but all my other little part-time jobs through high school and college never allowed me to work under such an amazing boss! I've been cherishing the moments I have with my students and colleagues, too.

God is starting to let some things start rolling for Hart and Charlie and The Mather Company! We are hoping and praying that God will grow this business for His glory over the next few months! Please join in praying for their business as they continue to seek serving Him in this really horrible real estate market! They are really hoping that the spring will pick-up for them, so if you know of a real estate need, let them know!

One thing that I am still trying to balance is how you work full-time and still be a good wife! My To-Do list is ever widening and I long for the summer to come with sunshine, warmth and TIME to actually get things done! I am planning a mission organization come June and work until EVERYTHING in my home has had a fresh start and a normal place to be. I'm even planning a garage sale! lol. Hart says we have to buy some Krispy Kreme Doughnuts to sell, too. Lol. So be planning a trip to come buy our junk! lol.

As far as home improvement, well, we finally got some blinds up in our Master Bedroom and bathrooms. SO needed! (I would post some photos, right now, but for the life of me I cannot find the camera cord to plug into the computer. See why I need to organize things?) So, I think I better get off and start organizing some things now!

FYI, we spent around $70 over our grocery budget for January because I kind of got slack on couponing... so for February, I am planning to jump back into couponing (once, I organize our coupons) and try to not spend over budget next month! I will try to keep you updated!

Oh and Hart is starting to learn the bagpipes starting next week! I have plans to learn to sew (Carla Gerlach is supposed to teach me), starting soon, too, so we are excited about our new hobbies that we are undertaking!

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