I finally got my coupon on!


Earlier this month I attended a Coupon Workshop with my friend, Chelsey (Hey, back to YOU, girl!). I wanted to learn more about saving money and figuring out this world that seemed so complex! Well, I am proud to say that after a few weeks it is getting easier. After last night's grocery trip to Kroger, you could definitely say that I am a real COUPONER! Someone even was shocked to see my humongous binder full of coupons! Yes, I am now THAT dorky woman with the coupon binder, calculator, and shopping list!

My grocery total BEFORE coupons was $79.59.
After using coupons (both online and from The State paper) my total that I paid was$45.35. That means I saved a total of $34.24!!! AND I bought 37 items.

I got such an adrenaline rush from saving over $30 that I actually could not sleep last night!

I admit that I still have a long way to go, but I feel like now I understand much better the "Coupon World" and from now on it is going to be easier! Thank you to Jenny Martin from http://www.southernsavers.com/ who helped to open my eyes!

(In case you are wondering)
BEFORE I went shopping I sat down at the computer and seriously researched, printed coupons, checked my binder for almost 2 full hours. While I think I will cut that time down tremendously the next few times, it helped me prepare mentally and get in the "game". I think I would of saved 50% on our groceries, but I bought a couple things that were not on sale. The other thing that I wanted to comment on was that we actually didn't do too well on our grocery budget for the month of September. Mostly it was due to the fact that I spent like $120 at Wal-mart (stupidly) right before I went to the coupon class. I learned that Wal-mart does NOT save you more money. I know you won't believe it if you love Wal-mart, but I am finding out that the convenience of everything in one place is not really THAT convenient!

Anyways, I was excited and I can't wait until next week to go shopping again!

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