Drifting Away


Chapter 2 of Hebrews begins with this: "For this reason we must pay much closer attention to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away from it."

When I read that verse I was reminded of something about 4 years ago. At that time in my life, spiritually I was in a valley...I was in a desert. I felt distant with God. I had no passion, or even a desire to be an imitator of Him. Then the LORD blessed me with a visual illustration of what my life looked like. I was in Greenville, SC and staying at the home of some friends. This family's house had a pretty good size creek behind it. I was sitting on the porch eating breakfast, reading the Word, and looking at this creek. At one point I saw a leaf fall from a tree and land in the water. The creek was flowing quickly, so the leaf was carried away. And then God allowed me to think of this...

I was frustrated. I didn't understand why God seemed so distant. I knew that I should delight in God's Word, and long to spend time in prayer. But I just didn't want to do any of those things. But here's the thing; even though I wasn't living this horrible, detestable life, and committing every sin that I could, I had still stopped persevering. I wasn't pushing forward. And here is where Satan tricks us a lot of times. We think, well I was at point A, and I've made it to point G. But now I'm going to stop for a little bit. But when I decide to start moving again, I'll pick right back up at point G, and move on. But no, life is like that quickly flowing creek. And I was like that leaf. I was going backwards, even though I wasn't intentionally trying to do so. The creek was sweeping me away. I was drifting away.

I love what the author says in that 1st verse in chapter 2 of Hebrews. He says "we must pay much closer attention." It's work people. It's hard work. In order to continue pushing forward, we have to work hard. When we go throught he valleys, when we're in the deserts, we have to continue pushing foward. Even though those times are so tough, and we just want to stop and take a breather, we have to continue going. But, ultimately, we only move forward by God's grace. There is no way that leaf could have fought the current in it's own power. We cannot fight the current in our own power. We must rely on that awesome and supernatural power of God to be able to push foward.

Christian, have you...
  • in the power of the Holy Spirit, been fighting the current? If so, praise the Lord! Continue looking to Him for strength, and continue the fight!
  • Or have you been fighting it in your own strength? If we fight it in our own strength, we WILL drift away.
  • Or have you stopped because life is hard, and you wanted to rest? If we stop you WILL drift away.

Finally, remember this, though we may experience some rest and ease at times in this life, we are not promised it. But those who are in Christ, are promised a perfect and eternal rest when we get to Heaven. Christian, it is God's desire for us to not drift away! Fight on Christian!

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