Hart's 1st Day at work and a Teaching Situation


Hart had a GREAT first day! He went into the office about 9 a.m and had some time to get some things settled before Charlie came in. They met for almost 2 hours discussing the business and getting some things in order. They talked about the basics like what to expect, negotiating, that their friendship is more important than making money and so if at any time that changes, then they should rethink things, and most importantly that they want their business to give glory to God, so they want to pray in their weekly meetings and do weekly devotionals! How encouraging! After this, Charlie gave Hart a test. He told Hart to go down stairs and wait outside for his phone call. Charlie called and said, "I need you to get me a blue glazing point." And that is all he said. Hart was unsure what a blue glazing point was, so he went back upstairs and googled it. He printed off a picture of a glazing point and asked Charlie if THIS was what he wanted. He said yes and said a blue glazing point. Hart and Charlie's office is really close to 5 pts. off of Devine, so Hart went to the hardware store there in 5 pts and asked for a glazing point, only for them to be out of stock (He was planning to color the glazing point blue). At this point, Hart was rather frustrated and got back in the car, only to see my (we switched cars today) blue pen lying in my car. He got back to the office and colored in the picture of the glazing point and went back to Charlie and gave him the picture. (I have to laugh right here because this whole thing was ridiculous, but typical of what Hart would be doing on a home site, etc.) He has to be resourceful and quick. Charlie laughed when he brought the picture in colored blue and told him he passed the test. There is NO SUCH thing as a BLUE glazing point! The rest of their day was mainly driving around to look at houses that might become their 1st home project. I asked him if he had a great day and he said he did and really loved it! I told him that no two days would be alike and was he okay with that and he said YES!!!! All I can say is that I am happy for him and to see the affirmation of the Lord through him in this new step of faith!

Teaching Situation (real quick): Today, was a great day overall. ALL my students were good and did good work. Towards the end of the day however, I was teaching geography on cardinal directions and intermediate directions, on a compass rose. I had the students stand up and face each way as I called North, South, etc. just for fun. Right as we were about to do this, I look over to see one of my students that tied his shoe laces together. I had to refrain from the immediate rise of frustration in my heart. I told him to stand up and go outside to get his shoes untied. He stood up and waddled half-way across the room, then took off his shoes and walked the rest of the way to outside. He was embarrased and the other kids knew I was not happy! I got them started on their work and then went outside to see my student standing there not know what to do to get them untied. I took them from him and had to have a little heart-to-heart and he was really sorry, I tried to be really forgiving, and gave him back his shoes! hahaha. During our conversation, I had to keep from laughing! He was really sweet and went to sit back down! No two days are the same for me either! lol.

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