Full of Sweet Wine


Yesterday one of our pastors preached from Acts 2 on revival. Acts 2 is the day of Pentecost. It's when the Spirit rested on them and they were given the ability to speak in other languages. We're told that many people were amazed that the disciples were speaking in these other languages. But we're told there were others who were mocking and saying the disciples were "full of sweet wine."

Our pastor didn't spend a ton of time on this portion of the passage, but I kinda kept going back to it and chewing on it. I was thinking, first, think about how amazing that miracle is. The disciples were made up of fishermen and a tax collector. These guys were not highly trained and educated men. They may have known some words and phrases in other languages (just like if I said hola, you probably know what that means), they were not bilingual. But now, all of a sudden, they can speak fluently in other languages. That reminds me of Exodus where Moses keeps coming up with excuses for why he shouldn't be God's mouthpiece. One of his excuses is he is a man not good with words. But God's response is that He is the One who created Moses' tongue, and therefore, He will give Moses the words he needs to speak.

But here's the other thing. There were people there who 1) didn't believe the miracle, or 2) didn't WANT to believe the miracle. So they started mocking the disciples, and saying they were drunk. My first response is "What!? Are you kidding me? How foolish!" But then my next thought is, that is exactly how the world responds to miracles. Instead of believing that God is so much bigger than we can imagine or believe, and that the impossible has happened, they mock it and they try to explain it. For exampole: "There's no way the world could have been created in 6 days, and that man was created from dust in the image of God. No no no. The world and universe was created from an explosion of dense matter. And lightning randomly striked this slime that then over millions of years evolved into the human race." Going back to the mockers saying the disciples were drunk; Think how foolish that statement is. According to their logic, if a person were to get drunk right now, they could speak another language fluently. No! When someone gets drunk they act like a fool and do things they regret the rest of their lives. And here is some encouragement. The world is going to mock God and try to explain how the impossible happened. But guess what. They're theories are foolish, and when one truly looks at it, they will see how foolish something like evolution is.

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