"And they spoke Spanish"


I (Vanessa) have recently started teaching Sunday School at our church. The 3's and 4's SS class is quite funny. Usually I have to keep from laughing during our prayer request time. I usually ask, "Does anyone have a prayer request to present before the Lord?" And they reply anywhere from praying about their pets not running away, to monsters under their beds, or that their mommies would not get upset with them anymore.

After we pray, we have story time from God's Word. It has been really neat because we are going through Acts this summer and it never fails that I will teach something one week and find it reoccuring in the weeks to come in different places. Hart previously talked about this past Sunday on Acts 2 in our blog post, so I remembered a cute story that happened with one of my kids from the week I taught on this.

Here is the background: The second lesson for our SS class was learning about Acts 2 and about Pentecost when the Holy Spirit fell down from Heaven with a mighty rushing wind and it was like a flame of fire resting on each of their heads and they began to speak in many languages as the Holy Spirit gave them utterance. Well, trying to explain this event to 3's and 4's can be quite challenging, so being the Spanish major that I was, I asked if any of them had ever heard Spanish before and many of them said, yes, that they listen to tapes in their cars. So, I said that it was kind of like that, the disciples were able to speak other languages. I held up this really corny poster that is in our lesson books (below) that has all the disciples gathered around and seriously little flames are resting on each of their heads... it's no wonder that they all didn't want to pray that they would not catch fire during our next prayer request time!

Well, the following day I go to our church to have lunch with Hart. Josh Espinosa (Hart's boss)shared a story about how he asked his son, Joshua, about what he learned in Sunday School. Joshua replied something like this, "Well, there was a big wind that came from Heaven, and flames came and rested on their heads..... pause.... AND they spoke SPANISH!"

Well, needless to say, I was laughing and feeling a little embarrassed! But God is good and this humbling experience lets me know that they listen to more than what I THINK they do!

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