Traylor Real Estate Team Website Launch


Look at that good lookin' Husband-Wife Realtor team! Don't you want to use them to help you buy or sell a house!? Haha, in all seriousness though, back on January 1st we kind of officially launched our website. So we just wanted to highlight that over here on our personal blog. Launch is probably an incorrect word to use, because that would imply that our website is pretty much fully functional and up and running, and that's definitely not it. But we at least got some pictures posted on it, and our contact info. But anyways. Head over to to check it out! And from there you can also find our facebook page. So would you be so kind to take a second and head over there in order to like our facebook page if you haven't already? It would mean a lot to us! And keep your eye out as we continue to update it with the latest real estate happenings!

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