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*I started this blog post 12 days before I delivered Judah, and never got around to finishing it! Blogging takes time, and so do my children, they win almost every day right now! That and naps for mama!*

Judah Eastman Traylor (JET) is set to "jet on out" as we have been saying on March 20th, 2014! I will be having my 2nd c-section, and 5th surgery, on this date! We are so excited to welcome our 2nd son, and gift from God, in just 12 more days! I will be exactly 39 weeks pregnant. In our last ultrasound, Judah was very content to sleep with one arm right over his face, so we couldn't get a good 4D photo of him! No matter how much giggling the technician did to my stomach, he wouldn't move that arm! haha!

This pregnancy, especially the last 10 weeks, has just seemed to stretch on like a thousand years. I have had cold & congestion, upon cold, constantly this winter. My body just has seemed to give up on fighting it and I've stayed sick. It's made chasing 2 children and being pregnant even harder! I think I am finally on the verge of it clearing out! Praying I can get healthy, before my c-section!

Update on B: I'm sorry that I sort of left the "blog readers" hanging when it comes to our last court date, regarding B! Basically, no final decisions were made. We found out that we would have B for another 6 months, until the next court date, and I have yet to meet with B's worker (happening next week), to find out how things are looking with the case overall. On one hand, it was difficult to see the court appoint such a long wait time between. Six months seems such a long time in a baby's little world, and yet such a short time in the scheme of things.

We just continue to do our own thing, loving and taking care of this sweet girl that has stolen our hearts. Truly, in the last few weeks, it's felt as if B has become a part of our family in a unique way! They say it takes close to 6 months for any major change to finally feel like you are hitting your stride. I am sure it's the same with a child!

B is doing GREAT as far as milestones and development!

-She is walking everywhere.
-Talking up a storm saying "Dad-dee" "Da-Da" "ma-ma" "ai" (Cai) "moo" "wack-wack" (quack) "duck" "Abe" "dog" and "dog-gee" "night-night" "all-done" among lots of other rambly stuff. She will talk, talk, talk, and laugh, and laugh.
-She loves looking at books, but loves to TALK through them, like she is reading them herself! I will start reading the story and she just starts laughing at the pictures, and pretty much takes over reading time.  
-She is everywhere, all the time, getting into everything she can, especially big brother's things! We finally installed cabinet locks on the rest of our kitchen cabinets! Phew! We call her "wild woman" sometimes, because she loves to pull everything out.
-She still sticks/puts EVERYTHING in her mouth, even at 15 months! It drives this mama crazy, in a good way, of course! She is slowly getting better, but even last night, after stuffing herself with dinner, we put her down for a minute and she picked something up off the restaurant floor and went to put it in her mouth! YUCK! (Now, she will go put things in the trash! We are getting there!)
-She can be a bit of a "drama-mama". It's so funny to me and Hart how different girls are than boys. She will throw herself down, having the biggest tears you've ever seen in your life, over the tiniest of things, sometimes.
-She HATES to be left out of things. If Cai goes in his room and shuts the door and she is in the hall... a BIG CRY will happen!
-She loves her MiMi! We had a doctor's appointment yesterday and she asked for her MiMi to come over by saying "MiMiiii MiMiiii" between big tears. MiMi has been caring for her a lot these last new weeks with baby and she and MiMi have really bonded in a sweet way! I love that she has wonderful grandparents that are willing to love beyond blood lines! It's such a blessing and all of them are giving her a deep heritage from the Lord!

 Micaiah: He is pretty much LOVING being a big brother to Judah! His little 3.5 year old self LOVES being a big helper! I am so grateful for his heart that adores him! (More on Judah next post!) Micaiah is just blossoming into such a big kid! At 3.5 years old, he loves his power rangers (still!) and loves order and structure and will make sure everyone is doing "their job" just right! We call him our little CEO and are trying to teach him how to be a leader vs. being bossy! I love his desire to create and be creative! He loves puzzles, board games (or closet games as we call them), and his friends (Israel, Thatcher, Parker).

Judah: He is here!!!! Born 3/20/14 at 7lbs 2oz, 20 1/4'' long, beautiful, healthy, sweet baby boy!
We are so in love! Thank you, Jesus for this little one! His birth story and more photos to come!

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