Sweet Generosity in Fostering


What has floored me and kept me going has been the sweet generosity of friends in this fostering journey. Little reminders to keep going. We are doing the right thing.

Girl Clothing freely given.
Cans of Formula and coupons dropped off at my mom's dance studio.
$50 gift cards arriving in the mail.
4 more cans of formula sent to us from sweet family along with loads of diaper ointment.
Diapers and wipes waiting for us at church in just the right size.
Calls and words of encouragement sent via mail, FB, and phone.

Truly, nothing has been overlooked by those around us. And we are so grateful!

Being pregnant and fostering is probably the craziest thing I have ever done. As I type, I feel like I'm about to vomit my lunch of crackers up, and I have a sweet little girl smiling up at me from the floor simultaneously. 

We got news that B's mom will be seeing her 3x a week while attending parenting classes and counseling and learning to care for her. This has signaled to us that DSS is working towards allowing her to head back home.

I sobbed hearing the news, but now I am feeling much better. My heart is entwined with this little girl and I want God's sovereign will for her. I can't control her life. As much as I want to think we are the best thing for her, I know that God's will is the best thing and that I can only see a speck of the big picture. I just don't know what He has planned for her little life, but I do know that just as He is good, he will bring about good in her life.

So for now, I will love her like she is mine. I will snuggle her like she is my daughter, because right now she is.

Just when I think what we are doing is completely crazy, she will send me the biggest widest smile or attack me with a slobber kiss that could drench a rainforest, which makes it all worth it! I may not get to keep her forever, but I get to love her now, and she will always have my heart.

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