It's True... We've got some Pink On Up in Here!


I'm giggling doing laundry and seeing pink outfits mixed in! I haven't had a second to spare with 2 kids, but as most of you already know, we got our first foster baby this past weekend!
B is so so so precious. I seriously could not have asked for a better baby to take care of. She is eating well, sleeping well for the most part (she did wake us up once last night!), and very happy and active!

At some point, I'd love to tell more of her story, but I just can't right now. I don't know many details and privacy is just a huge issue, of course with any children in foster care.

You'll also get to know the back of this sweet baby pretty well!

From my own observations of the way B acts when fed and certain behaviors she exhibits, I think it might be a possible neglect case. I won't know exactly until later on, hopefully this week. She's also extremely tiny for her age, in my opinion. Cai was her size at 2.5/3 months and she can wear 3 month size clothing.
Our little family is LOVING this sweet girl! She is completely easy to fall for and even Cai will walk up to her and start rubbing her head and saying "Hi Beautiful Girl! Hi Beautiful Girl!" He's completely in love having her. He prayed his longest prayer by himself for her and thanked God for her (and her hair...) Oh, toddler prayers! Presh!

More pictures to come!

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