Don't Forget to Vote for The Mather Co and Charlie Mather!


Don't forget to vote for Hart's boss (Charlie Mather) and their company (The Mather Company) for best real estate agent and best real estate company! Voting ends on Friday, May 31. Your vote is very important! We would greatly appreciate your support! And please pass this on to your friends and family and get them to vote too!!!! Thank you!

Hi all, this is Hart. I hope everyone is doing well. Well it's that time of year again. For those who don't know or remember, our local newspaper, The State, does a competition each year called Reader's Choice Best Of. In this competition people go through a list of categories provided by The State and vote for their favorites. Unfortunately these past 2 years the company I work for, The Mather Company, has come up short in winning "Best Real Estate Company", but, as you can see from the following picture/link, my boss, Charlie Mather, has won "Best Real Estate Agent" in back to back years (2011-2012)!

Well, the polls are open again for the 2013 year and I'm hoping to see not only my boss get the 3-peat, but our company is setting our sights on winning Best Real Estate Company! That's where you come in: We NEED your well as your family/friends/acquaintances/neighbors/etc votes! If we win then we get featured in the newspaper. So this is awesome exposure for the company! Now, you may be thinking "Wait a minute Hart, you're a real estate agent too, so I'm going to vote for you instead of your boss." Well, you're welcome to do that. But hear me out. Him having won it in back to back years obviously shows he is capable of winning that title. I on the other hand, highly doubt I can win that title. I would much rather see Charlie win and therefore our company receive that extra exposure rather than people voting for me and I not win and therefore we don't get that exposure. You follow me?

Ok. So the way it works is you'll have to go to the website listed below. You'll need to fill out some information and then you'll see a section called "Categories". In this section you'll see 4 main categories on the left side which are: Entertainment, Food & Drink, Shopping, and Service. If you click on one of those categories a list of sub-categories will appear. That is where you write in your votes. There is a total of 103 categories. In order to submit a vote you must fill out at least 30 of the categories. To make it easier for you I'm providing a list of suggestions. Of course, you are more than welcome (and encouraged) to fill this out with your own choices. But we would greatly appreciate you putting The Mather Company as your favorite Real Estate Company and Charlie Mather in as your favorite Real Estate Agent.

Alright, so here is the link to go vote:

And here is our list of suggestions:

Art Gallery - Columbia Museum of Art
Children’s Entertainment - EdVenture
Museum - State Museum

Food & Drink
Barbecue - Little Pigs
Brunch – DiPratos
Burgers – Pawleys Front Porch
Chicken – Zaxbys
Chinese - Miyos
Deli - Grouchos
Family Dining with Kids - Cracker Barrel
Fast Food - Chickfila
Hot Dog - Sonic
Ice Cream - Marble Slab
Mexican - Jalisco
New Restaurant - Cookout
Pizza - Mellow Mushroom
Salad - California Dreaming
Seafood - Blue Marlin
Southern - Lizards Thicket
Steak - Blue Marlin
Sushi - Miyos
Wings - Carolina Wings

Art Supply/Craft Store - Creative Sewing Machine Center (this is where Vanessa works)
Childrens Clothing - Once Upon a Child
Gamecock Store - Garnet and Black Traditions

Dance Studio - Gilbert Studio of Dance Arts (this is Vanessa's Mom's dance studio)
Dentist - Ben Jett
Heating and AC Service - Carolina Conditions
Law Firm - Law Office of Talley Lattimore
Pest Control - 1st Choice Exterminating
Photographer - Photos by JeeJee
Plumbing - Palmetto Plumbing of West Columbia
Real Estate Agent - Charlie Mather
Real Estate Company - The Mather Company

Voting ends on May 31. So please vote before then. And please pass this on to everyone you know and encourage them to vote for our company and Charlie! Thank you all so much for taking the time to do this for us! We really appreciate it!

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