This Sweet Boy!


Cai is almost 2.5 years old! Next week, he will be 2.5! Honest to goodness, I love where we are at with him! He's SO fun! He's so into playing, especially with power rangers (still!), and loves to have fun and he's constantly making us laugh!
I've been really thinking a lot about my God-given role as his mama! Maybe more on this another day! Reading "The Mission to Motherhood" by Sally Clarkson has got me focused a little more lately, as well as starting a new Bible study on the book "Desperate: Hope for the mom that needs to breathe!" by Sally Mae and Sally Clarkson! Really great mommy reads for those interested!

I love seeing how he's growing and learning! We've started reading the Jesus Storybook Bible to him in Spanish! Well, I read it in Spanish, and then Hart reads it in English each night. Sometimes he will say, "No, mommy, just talk like mommy." It's funny how much he does NOT like me speaking to him in Spanish, but I just tell him that we are going to learn new things and he will eventually understand me! I am, by no means, very good at Spanish like I used to be in college, but as we are delving back into it, I am remembering it more and more! I've got several different children's books and I've been reading those to him, as well, and he already knows some basic words like "agua" "hola" "adios" "nina" "vaca-cow" "toro - bull"  among some others.
 Cai's got his little quirks which we find hilarious, as parents only can. For one, he loves to take the monogrammed portion of his blue blanket and rubs it on his face while sucking his thumb. He's also started offering to do it on our faces to soothe us. It's pretty cute! It's funny to me that it has to be that particular section. He will turn his blanket until he finds that one little corner. (These are things I must note for ONE DAY reflecting back!) That and he loves putting on his bathrobe about his bath!
{I apologize for the blurry-ish iphone photos! I am currently living without a dslr. It's rough when you've been used to it's amazing-ness and great photo quality!}
The kid can multi-task! Here he is eating and playing with his tablet.
Hart is such a sweet daddy! They play together a lot!
Cai made a "house" out of the hall closet and took all his power rangers in there with daddy! It's funny to me how much Cai loves putting things inside of other things...
Like the other day he spent 15 minutes putting as many power rangers and animals in my pockets as possible. Then he would take them all out. I find his toys under his rug in his room, under blankets. He loves to hide his items in places!
 Ya know... even the hall laundry basket!

Other cheesy cute faces that must be shared!
Goodness he is a precious child! We truly thank God for him! My favorite is seeing him grow in Christ. One day I was cleaning some stuff up in the house and Cai came up to me and told me that he "cried out to Jesus". His wording made me laugh and stopped me. We had a little converstation and I asked him, "Oh, really. What did you cry out to Jesus for?"
Cai- "I just talked."
Me - "What did you talk to Jesus about?"
Cai - "I told him about my power rangers."
Me- "Cool! What did Jesus say about your power rangers?"
Cai - "He said they were good guys."

LOL! It's so fun seeing him have a desire to just naturally pray and what a sweet learning moment for mommy to see the realness that exists between us and Jesus! God recently brought to my attention verse 2:19 in Lamentations. It's something like "Pour out your heart like water in the presence of the Lord" (my paraphrase). That imagery of water being poured out is so sweet! Let's gush out all that we have, like a 2 year old can in the presence of Jesus!

Cai is already talking about his 3rd birthday... you guessed it... he'd like it to be power ranger themed. I'm not sure I can handle thinking that he will be 3 in 6 months! Nope... NOWAY! I'm ready for baby #2 sometime in the near future, because he is just growing on up!

We haven't heard any "good" news yet concerning the adoption. We've been a waiting family since October, so we are in our 5th month waiting now. I can tell my social worker wants us to think about fostering, because most of the young children get placed into foster homes and then adopted, but this is a special calling. You have to be prepared to say good-bye because the goal is reunification with the birth family. 60% of children get adopted by their foster parents. Apparently getting small children through SC DSS is pretty tough right now (her words). There just aren't a lot of young children available for adoption and it's a great thing, but she has around 600 families on her case load! My social worker's exact words were that she still had families waiting from 2010 in our age range. We truly have complete hope and trust in God that he will bring our Beloved at just the right time. We KNOW he will. Please keep us in your prayers. We know God does abundantly more than we could ever ask or hope for! We know families that have been waiting for over a year and families that got called right away! While I get eager to grow our family, God is ultimately in control! We trust in Him! God will bring Beloved!

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