December PaPa Visit


It's always special when my dad comes to visit! This time we got him and Rebecca, and we had a great time together. 
 The first full day together, we headed up to Sumter, SC to see the wedding venue with Tyler.

Tyler and Ann-Marie will be getting married at this neat plantation in Sumter! Only a couple months away now! Can't believe my little brother is getting married! Love it! So does Cai!
Dad and Ty practiced their wedding sword "machine" tradition (sorry for the white balance problem).
Then, the rest of the visit was focused on spending time together in sweet ways.
We went to my Grandpa and Nana's and celebrated Christmas together!

Cai got his own special spot.

Great Grandpa and Cai
Grady got Cai an electric guitar and microphone! 
Ann-Marie made these cute little brownie santa hats- something from pinterest! They were delicious! I think they should be a yearly tradition!

Cai got a slide for Christmas from PaPa and Be-kah, so the next day, Cai enjoyed being the "man" and "helping". 

We enjoyed play time outside together before PaPa had to go on the last day. 

Cai trying out the slide. 

 And then Uncle Tyler had to try out the slide... 

 Umm... a little too big, Unc!
Love you, Daddy! Glad we got to spend time with you and Rebecca! Come again soon!

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