Cai's BFF: Thatcher


In December, I kept Thatcher while his mommy, one of my best friends, had his little brother Crosley. Crosley ended up having some apnea complications and had to go into the NICU for several days, so we literally kept Thatcher for like 6 days... maybe it was just 5, but it was definitely a good little chunk of the week! The thing was... y'all I cannot keep ANYBODY's kid that long, really. Usually after a day, I am pulling my hair out. But Thatcher is different, because Thatcher is Cai's best friend, and you stick them in a room together and they literally babysit themselves! They are so happy together playing, except when I heard Cai bashing T over the head with his microphone. That wasn't so good, but I promise you, that was like the worst thing that happened all week. These little boys were having a blast and they did everything, but sleep in the same bed, which they did ask to do.
Plus... Thatcher has a way of putting a spell on me. He's got some charm, I tell ya.

I took T to meet Crosley for the first time, along with Cai.
He had to have a little monogrammed hat from us, of course.

(See...Charlie Robnett... I need to know little boy's name... because I'm pretty sure Erskin Alfred would be weird on your baby hat. Just sayin')

Those newborns are so tiny!

All 3 "brothers" haha
 Thatcher did great with little Crosley until he REALIZED that Crosley was really his new brother and suddenly he did NOT want Crosley. This is perhaps my absolute most favorite moment ever.
Oh and how could I forget this LITTLE detail... Crosley was born on 12-12-12 at 12:12 PM... NO LIE Y'ALL. How cool is that!?

Some daddy 'washing machine' cheered him up and he was ready to be okay with Crosley.
It was sweet to witness the newness of this family of four.
Because it will never be the same...

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