Reading to Cai in the Womb


****We're cleaning out the virtual blog closet. Not sure why I never published this post. Pregnant with Cai.****

Lord willing, we will be meeting our son in exactly 2 weeks and 4 days! Isn't that exciting!? I don't think that I officially said when our c-section date was on our blog, so I just wanted to say that it is scheduled for the 14th of September!

I keep trying to imagine what it will be like and I keep coming up short. I mean I feel like I've seen what it's like, but I know I don't have a clue! Next Tuesday, I will be 37 weeks and the baby will be considered full term. I feel like I will breathe a sigh of relief that if he were to come early for some reason, things are much more probable that he would be a fine healthy baby! That's all in the Lord's hands anyways, but for some reason it is slightly more comforting!

At the baby shower that I had recently, one of the ladies that prayed over us, prayed that if I haven't already that I would be reading and teaching Micaiah the word of the Lord right now. My friend, Chelsey, read Isaiah 40 during the shower. That was pretty much the Holy Spirit, because, so far, those that have come over and read some sort of Scripture to me during this time of bed rest has been right around there in Isaiah. I know God is teaching me things from 40 and 41 and I'm trying to listen to him!

I haven't been the type to really TALK to our baby in the womb. I mean, I feel like I'm kinda talking to myself, but I have read several times that babies in the womb can hear you. I don't know how clearly, but they can hear you talking to them, so, this morning I read Micaiah Isaiah 40. And, I'm glad no one was listening besides Abe, because I totally had a mommy voice while doing it. I didn't even mean to, but I did.

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