Decorating for Christmas 2012


I absolutely LOVED this November. It was filled with some really fun times as our family of 3. I can't help but wonder if that is all about to change with Beloved's arrival. Maybe that's why God allowed us to have some really great, fun memories this month just the 3 of us! While I felt like I didn't intentionally set my heart to be more thankful, God showed me how blessed I really am with our sweet family.

One reason that I love November, is that we get to decorate for Christmas, as soon as Thanksgiving is done. We turn Christmas music on, and deck the halls inside and out. This is the first Christmas that Cai is really "with it" and I feel understands what is going on! It's so much more fun!

The sweetest thing was getting to pull out this Carousel that my Great Gramie Ali gave to me before she died. She gave it to me, so that Cai could enjoy it. I bring it out every Christmas and Cai LOVED looking at it!
My grandparents got engaged and then rode a carousel like this one back in the early 1900's. So sweet.
The last 3 years, we have gotten a real tree. We just have gone to Home Depot or Lowe's to get it. One day, we will go to a Christmas tree farm, but for now, we only have $20 to spend on a tree. This year, I feel like we seriously got the prettiest $20 tree at Lowes! It's a Douglas Fir, not a Fraiser Fir and I LOVE IT!
I don't have a fire place mantel, so I decorate above my TV and on this longer shelf next to it on the wall where our stockings go.
There's one extra this year.... for Beloved.

We are overjoyed to celebrate the coming of our Lord Jesus this Christmas. It truly makes me bubble over with excitement at the joy to come!

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