First Boat Ride


To get to and from Daufuskie off Hilton Head, you have only one way to get there... by boat. Cai and Naomi had their first boat ride!
They wore their puddle jumper life jackets and we even got pulled by the coast guard! Kind of funny! Glad they are coast guard approved!
You have no idea how much stuff we loaded onto this small boat! ha!
We also saw several dolphins during this ride! The kids loved looking out for them! They would pop up out of the water and even let you pet them. We didn't pet any, but it was still cool to see!

The kids enjoyed it, but said "All done!" towards the end. Apparently they had had enough! haha! When we took them out the next day, thinking that would be a fun idea, it took 10 minutes for them to be ready to be back on the dock!
 Daufuskie really is so beautiful...

I personally love this view more...
The kids loved throwing their arms up and sitting on the front of the boat!
Their 2nd trip we saw a mama dolphin with her baby!

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