Adoption Update: Window In/Fire Re-scheduled!


Meet Mr. Mike from Vista-Elite Builders and his two adopted sons and our new $325 window! 

Friday FINALLY arrived! Mr. Mike brought our new window at 3:00 pm and set it up and by 4:48pm I was emailing my social worker telling her we were ready to MOVE on in this process! While it was hard spending extra money for a window that Fire men would probably just ax into if they really needed to, anyways, and hard waiting on all of this to happen, it was beautiful to see Mr. Mike's love for his two sons that were once foster children in his home and how they literally acted, spoke, and looked like they were HIS natural children! It was amazing!

Our new window is very nice. Meets all fire code expectations, and is installed! Praise the LORD! 
The opening to meet the new Fire Code had to be 5 square feet. This completely covers that opening and then some with a casement style window since it completely swings out. 

AND....I just heard back from our social worker and another praise is that we do not have to wait until the ONE day of the month when  the Fire Marshall normally does Adoption/Foster Fire Inspections, instead, He had an opening for this WEDNESDAY!!!! 

I am completely stoked and so, so, so, so thankful we didn't have to wait until the 3rd Monday of July to get this rescheduled inspection done! What a praise!!! 

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