Naomi & Cai at 20 months


I'm seriously behind on my blogging on the family side. Some of you might laugh at that, because it does seem as if I blog continuously, which I kind of do, but I'm going to try to do a better job!

Hannah and Naomi came down for several days a couple weeks ago! They came to our house for a change and we played for a bit! Naomi and Cai tried to ride in the Cozy Coupe together!

They LOVE playing together! They LOVE being together! They make each other laugh like crazy! Love these little cousins!
 Later in the day, we headed over to MiMi & Pop's house and Aunt V couldn't miss out on the opportunity to do a photoshoot, because these two matched too perfectly without even trying! A little "God bless America" going on!
They weren't too sure what Aunt V was doing!
They warmed up to the idea with no problems!
I love my niece!
We are so blessed with these beautiful, healthy, happy children! Thank you Jesus, for these sweet children in our lives!

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