Hot Date with my Hottie Hart!


Hart surprised me and took me on a 'hot date' term coined by my bff, Steph. Now all dates are 'hot dates'.
We looked kind of retro together,  but out date ended up being pretty artsy fartsy, so it was kind of perfect!
First we were waiting at a stop light to turn into Five Guys when we saw a cop car and a concert going on. We didn't think anything of the cop car until we heard "Hart and Vanessa" come over the cop's loud speaker. Do you have ANY idea how freaky scary that is? We peered through the glass and realized it was our friend Kevin! We all got a good laugh, because he definitely made us jump in our seats a little!
We enjoyed a delish dinner outside at Five Guys and then Hart took us over to the Town Theatre to see the production "Grease"! It was so much fun and something neither one of us had ever done before! We were pleasantly surprised by how well everything was put together and Grease has some fun music, too!
It was so great to get out and do something together with JUST Hart and he was so sweet and thoughtful to try to do something that he thought I would like to do! I'm loved by the most amazing guy....I will tell you THAT!
Thank, my love! I love you!

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