A Short and Sweet Beach Vacation!


We just got back from our short and sweet beach vacation that my dad took us on! We went Thursday to Sunday to Myrtle Beach, SC and stayed in the Anderson Hotel condos. It was SO nice and the weather was great and warm and we really all had a blast together! We celebrated my grandpa's 80th birthday together and just had a wonderful time.

I kept saying... I don't feel like I'm at Myrtle Beach at all, because our resort was just so nice and we just stayed right on the beach and didn't "do the whole Myrtle Beach scene" at all, which I am perfectly fine with! 
Cai was a dream riding in his car seat for 3 hours! He even slept and hour and a half of the trip on the way back home!
Cai LOVED the balcony of the condo. He kept pointing to the people below or at the ocean and saying what he saw or he would say "See! See!" telling us he could see things! It was pretty cute!
If there is one thing I know for sure it is that my daddy LOVES his grandson! They were so precious playing in the sand together and Cai was very serious about the sand in his playing.
Cai and I would look for shells and then put them in our bucket or throw them back into the ocean. I think he was doing this because my mom taught him how to throw rocks into the lake!
Or we would "sposh!"

Hart and Cai would play in the sand building things, too!
Cai thought it was hilarious when Hart would wiggle his toes out from under the sand!
We spent a lot of time in the indoor pool, too, which Cai thought was AWESOME! He LOVED swimming and would even kick his legs behind him to propel him forward!
One of the main reasons why we went to the beach is because my grandpa lives in Myrtle and it was his 80th birthday! We decorated the condo and threw him a party! Ann-Marie made an awesome cake!
My dad's girlfriend, Rebecca, really made this party an awesome one! She packed & brought all the supplies for throwing my grandpa his 80th birthday bash! The kid's decorated everything and my grandpa had a really great time, so it made it all worth it!

Thank you, Daddy for a wonderful time at the beach! We had a BLAST!

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